• 1.How to withdraw items?
    Step 1: Sign in playskins.com through Steam.
    Step 2: Go to My Winnings
    Step 3: Select your items in inventory witch you want to withdraw
    Step 4: Click Withdraw items, then the bot will send you a trade offer, please accept that to finish the trade
  • 2.What can I do with my winnings
    When you open the case, and get your winnings, you can choose sell for balance or withdraw the item,you can only choose one way. If you choose sell for balance, the money will be added to your balance.If you choose withdraw, you can withdraw it in you inventory.
  • 3.I have added the balance but money didn’t come. What should I do?
    Attention! Your payments could be delayed for 5-10 minutes. If the money didn`t come within the hour, please contact our online service with live chat.
  • 4.I cannot get the trade offer, why?
    The bot cannot send you trade offer in the following reasons:
    A. You have blocked trade (came with the new device, recently changed the password / e-mail, changed the Steam Guard security settings have VAC-ban, etc.).
    B. You have hidden inventory in Steam privacy settings (Check it)
    Steam My Privacy Settings
    C. Check your trade-link in profile and Steam settings – they should be matched.
    D. Bot is having problems with the Steam connection, the problem is in the Steam API, please try again later.
    E. If you have any other questions, you can contact our online service with live chat.
  • 5.Affiliate Program Tips?
    A. We pay you up to 30% commissions of the dollar amount for each order made from a customer that you refer to playskins.com.
    B. You get an affiliate URL, and tracking your commissions report too.
    C. We welcome any kind of marketing method, You can use YouTube, Twitch, Website, Blog, Social Media to send your affiliate URL, and you will earn commissions easily.
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  • 7.How to Get the Steam ID?
    Log in steamcommunity.com
    Click "View profile"
    Copy the link to http://steamrep.com, and search, you will get the steam id.
  • 8.How to use the voucher?
    Make sure you have voucher code, and click My Voucher, Enter the code to get voucher. After you get success, you can click "Apply" to add the fund to your balance. Also you can click “Present to friend” and send the voucher to you friend.